Tuesday, June 26, 2012


It's TREAT YOURSELF TUESDAY, Start in you top dresser/take a peek in the back of your closet......THOSE THING'S YOU SAVED YOURSELF,FOR SOME DAY! WELL TODAY IS THAT DAY! The day you find the road map, back to yourself....What did you want to be, when you were little (ARE YOU BEING IT)I just pick up a paint brush,after 2o yrs.....All that you see, of me is growth! And some day's are set backs, I am living out loud, with YOU.....Treat youself today,get the tool's you need to start to be the YOU,YOU WERE MENT TO BE ">Of course I don't remember the quote exact ( YOU CAN LIVE as THOUGH NOTHING,IS A MIRACLE....OR YOU CAN LIVE THROUGH LIFE,AS IF EVERY THING IS A MIRACLE! TO ME IT'S ALL A MIRACLE) HOW ABOUT TO YOU? (ALL THAT I STARTED TO WRITE,WAS MOVED TO THE NIGHT FILE / CALLED TRUTH(BECAUSE MY HEART IS HEAVY TODAY)... So anyway,Yesterday I saw the doctor,then went to a house where my belonging are....Boxes ,and boxes of my life,and good intentions! Sleeping 3 or more places a week is taken it's toll on me...(BUT I'm GRATEFUL) The point is ,passing through those boxes (I LOVE MYSELF ALOT) Because what I see in those boxes, are route back to me(BECAUSE I AM STRONG,MY LOVE,YOU ARE HERE,AND SO AM I) I was smart enough to leave small clues, of who I am ,a reflection of who was,and what I want to be when I grow up....GINNY KNOW's MY TRUTH,and now JUDE is in my boat too!I will follow this map to LIFE, and LIVE, and every day take steps closer to the me , I AM TO BE! MY LOVE, YOU ARE HERE,AND SO AM I.....YOU ARE NOT ALONE,LOVE MOTHERSKY X
XWUdXFJxI/AAAAAAAAAYQ/K00K0KeZFfI/s1600/Photo514.jpg" imageanchor="1" style=""> I always made it a habit, to tell my children, THEY ARE LOVED......I would always say to them, I LOVE YOU BIGGER THAN THE SKY ! And if I had to leave them ,I would remind them (THE SKY IS ALWAYS THERE,I am in there heart's and soul's.....I LOVE SO MUCH! Some one said to me in group once,(THEY ONLY SAW YOU STRONG) I hold that dear to my heart, in the process of my healing.I AM TRYING TO REGAIN GROUND, To be the strong Mother they knew (The one behind the counter of her store,with glitter and art) that's the me ,they know....Or if there freind was in trouble, they would say I'll go get my Mom..Because I AM BATMAN ! LOL not realy,see ya soon,I' off to find my cape.PS There is a beautiful sky wher I'm standing,go see it! And can every one Pray for Scoottie Bootie today! Glitter kisses Xxo

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