Friday, October 17, 2014

Where is the Justice~ I SURRENDER!

I would like to tell You why I'm so mad= but I'm restrained/ turns out they have a clause... The passenger in the car accident  [who is Me] is not cover~ I guess I will be going to food banks all My life= and forever be broken = Where is the Justice/ I just may have to let go of My dreams of building  Jabip Village [and sell everything I own to survive=I can't work any more [I am disabled, mind,and body/ I  feel dispair , all hope feels G[]NE= at least at the end of all this suffering, I thought I could open a store, hold meeting, and gallery the works of other artist like ME= today surrender, and GIVE it to G[]D, because I can't handle this body,or mind ~I've been left with.

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