Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sitting having coffee~

No ones life is perfect~Most people have tattered families,But in mine I use be the strong one. And that has been altered~brain damage is serious, because You look fine on the outside.Yet my body, doesn't respond to my  minds commands neither..... I'm learning to work with this altered self. [Probably now would not be a good time for a visited= as I get reacquainted with myself/ for even my belonging seem unfamiliar- I feel lost in a world they call=PERMANENT This will take some getting use to.  ~.Because I live in a small apartment,and need to change things up for winter, I will consider it = A new beginning.....And try to make my surrounding seem less foreign, maybe it's from moving everything around for the surgery/ either way= I feel lost [like the woman, in the movie notebook..[]ver. and []ut

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