Tuesday, October 14, 2014

~Be sureto L[]VE the the people around Y[]U= Life is a GIFT~[ Life is short, and unpredictable]

I've been trying to be more in the moment~ I guess it takes for Your health to take a turn, for You, or I to appreciate= each minute in Your day...... I feel my health declining, I have become aware. Tomorrow is a gift. And L[]VE, and KINDNESS is a choice~ And We should give []ur whole heart every day, there is no promise for tomorrow.  So I never finished the cabinet,but I did get to spend time with My Grand babies. I plan to turn the cabinet into My Christmas work shoppe.....  I L[]VE to make personalized gifts/ hand make from the heart = What I call old fashion L[]VE.... I feel grateful, for the lessons  G[]D has humbled Me to see, and maybe I can't dance right now= but I won't give up My dancing shoes. And Maybe the store I want is alittle far out of my reach, but I won't give up the dream.....     My body is taking on a form of paralysis, and my mind [brain] is not the same= but My heart L[]VES so deep....  Life is short, and unpredictable= Be sure to L[]VE the people around Y[]U. [For that is how WE should be remembered ] With L[]VE

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