Wednesday, October 1, 2014

~Learning to cope~

[traumatic brain injury] permanent nerve damage~ It is settling in, because it is permanent it's not going away~ Saw the neurologist, I stopped posting my progress after my surgery = because  I didn't feel better.While the artificial disc, has held my neck up.The numbness through my body remains, I have been staying with My Sister, because I started an anti-depressant. I have been prone to seizures, so I need to be under the care of family. I know things could be worst, and I'm grateful to be alive. To be be present to see My Children, and Grand Children. I was under the false hope,that this would pass. I even ignored the word permanent, as long as they gave Me H[]PE.... But enough time has passed, and I've been told to have acceptance [So I'm learning to cope, as I Pray]
I must learn to accept,the Me I am now..... But I still have the spirit of a wild child, who wants to paint. I just need to be patient [for gifts come to us in God's Time]  See You soon, enjoy my new favorite song by Kenny Chesney, and Grace Potter.

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