Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Just came back from my Doctor's,"oh yes those echoing word's permanent damage"......Usally the insurance company provides trasportation, by the Grace of God, my daughter Sunshine/aka Rachael took me today......Beacause I stay with the children,while she run's back,and forth to nurse our Lydia......I am Grateful,Lydia is making progress...Fear set's in I'm losing the use of my arm's,I'm just sad= Because back when I was staying with Moonshine/aka Angelina,I dropped baby Travi,after the accident....So you can imagine,I can't wait to soon see Lydia,but I am afraid to hold her....My heart feels brken,my body feels broken....When then run down the lit of permant injuries, my mind goes blank.....I am grateful to be here,I'm just frightened,they scheduled a procedure for May 6th....My heart aches,and I just wanted to tell somebody,and I'm so glad sunshine was there today,because I can never remember what their saying=C4-5 C5-6 C6-7 1T 1L/ I only hear losing the use of my arms,and word permanent=THIS WILL MAKE ME STRONGER,for TODAY "I feel fragile" X[]x

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