Friday, April 19, 2013

`Mother, and Child`=I need of a publisher~X[]x

LYDIA MEGANLydia is just over three weeks old,and still struggling....Her little heart,continues to fight....The phrase comes to mind= BLESS HER LITTLE HEART,we pray everyday for her strengh (Sunshine,aka Rachael is worn out) I'm so proud of her,if she is not nursing she is pumping....Beacause of that wonderful fact Lydia is much more advanced then the other babies in her unit.....Thanks be to God,Lydia middle name is Megan, they choose that name because it means Strength,and bravery,because she is a fighter.....In the cicle of life,I offer all the rest of my strengh to her,I say this out loud,and to God's ear.....I give to her the dim light I have left,Lord hear my prayer...... In being here for all these weeks with the children,and the year before when Travis was a Toddler,and recognising,I had a great hand in raising Hannah,and Emma= I am content,I have served my purpose....I raised 4 children, and now 4 granchildren, I am Grateful LORD,have this being spoken out loud,I find surrendar in my soul [PEACE]........I use to think I needed to do something great, to be wealthy,to perhaps paint a painting for a gallery....Or write a book,and have all royalties go to my family,so they would be taken care of..... In smalls way I have,as limited as Mother can,with children under feet... Bumpy the frog is out there,I need a publisher to put it in circulation, and others books have been drafted..... I have paintings in churchs,privite murals, people always ask why don't I have a portfolio= well then, it would be private,and would personal,and one of a kind................ As these day's pass,I reconginie= perhap's I have served,my purpose.Thank You Lord for all of my Gift's,Like sun flower follows the sun LORD,I will follow YOU....Love Mother,aka MeMom X[]x Thank You For my Village M[]THER NEED's TO PUBLIH THIS B[][]k= BUMPY the FR[]G.....[need to pay the rent,and keep the light's on...hehe]

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