Saturday, April 20, 2013

Masterpiece,on musem wall~poetry by Alezia

A silhoutte,a Masterpiece, the canvas on museum wall. In the day,they stand before thee....... A work of art , for all to see. They stand,and look on so inquisitively. Finally, the light's go dim. Not a living soul around. In the night after the crowds, leave~ My soul is then , set free, Thy dances through the museum halls. caressing each work of art, bringing it to life. We all play our part's, each soul is an instrument. Sounds of an Orchestra,fill the halls of the museum. Songs of heartache,and sarrow. With no beginning, and no end, the infinity of sadness. ~ Thy dances through the halls. In search of the love,of whom thy longs. Thee sounds thy name, in violin. It echos through thy heart,thy dances room to room. Thy sounds of a harp,sounds of soft weeping.Gently played strings. Restless to know,the calm in thy's arms. Thy desire lulls thee ,to tip toe down the hall. Enchanted to be,this endless search. Thy heart blisters with fire,thy soul rages,and storms. The cold marble floors, begin to get warm.... ~ The light of day,works it's way in,the orchestra begins to silent. Thy hears thy violin,thy sounds thy name with ache,and pain. No word could explian,our want..... The sunlight touches thy wings,singes them brown. Sends thee to flight,to take thy feet from the ground. Thy must go back,to canvas on the wall. Thy falls empty to know the calm,in thy arms. If thy could have gone further,perhaps thy would know. To whom thy was painted for. Still lost in this infinty,of want. The dawn dances, on the sun lit floor. Thy journey ends,again once more. Unsatisified destination,leaves thee in pain. The volin quietly stops calling thy name. Perhaps one day,thy will find thee,and thy soul will be set free. Yet the sunlight forbids thee..... ~ Back to canvas, on museum wall. A work of art, for all to see. Thy does wonder,as those that look on so inquisitively. Can they see the fraility of thy eyes,looking back on to thee, and, thy wonders in who's measure of time is thy infinity. Shall thy even find the love, to whom thy belongs.Shall Thy Love,ever finish thy song...Double Infinity ~ MotherskyDragonfly~aka~Alezia

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