Monday, April 8, 2013

Need some insight~I miss my child

Right now my heart is broke,and it is my own doing.....[Jewels]~Raven,/aka rainbow on the morning of Church,said she is agnostic, and refused to go with me....I may have over reacted,[ I lost my temper] I looked at as if she were denying G[]D......That is not how she was raised by me,her father on the other hand came to get her,and said He has the same belief.... I am Spiritial, not Religious=My hear aches,Comments Welcome/ NO HATER's PLEASE!=I MISS MY CHILD! "This was the song playing when she was born...... Jewelia,aka Jewels is a name sake ,named after John Lennon's Mother,and singer song writer Jewels, Because she is my Jewel= I Love You! God,is a Concept "that I believe In!" AGNOSTIC-Someoe who believes that it is impossille to prove God exist.....

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