Wednesday, January 21, 2015

[ timing is everything ] We are in this together!

I woke the other morning paralyzed, by trying to hide it from My daughter Jewelia~ I called out for My sisters help....... She physically had to engage my arms places behind My head. And noticed My my hands were burning. I was unaware of the sensation, due to the palatalization. Trying not to alarm My daughter, My Sister helped Me rise to My feet.  I have been staying here because Scooter's health has declined. And We had an appointment with My neurologist that day [the big MRI reveal ]........ Over the last couple months my daily pain went for a scale of  9 to 12,,,,, []ut of My mind pain~ My point is I have been suffering in silence ,,,, With no understanding why~ normally I could hide these symptoms from My family= believe it or not, I do NOT try to complain. Normally I would push myself, to get up. And make pancakes,or cinnamon rolls~ and be accommodating. []ver the last couple of months~ I could no longer rise to the occasion.     Fortunately I had I changed My appointment several times~ to be at events to emotionally support My family..... Yet do to My decline I have let My family down, as well as My Church Family..... I just had no strength, and the pain has driven Me into dark place of isolation.

I say timing is everything because, by time I made it to My appointment = My neurologist seems to have a patient, which Whom has the same symptoms. Although it is rare to diagnose because of the time waited, and the MRI results. And the TBI, it all factors in, since the pituitary gland is at the stem of the brain. And all symptoms have played them selves out...... I feel grateful, and can say with ease timing is everything.... I'm on the steroid, I'm in out of My mind pain. But seem to have a doctor, who seems to know the cause [ Thanking God []ut loud, all things comes in God's time. And this time I understand, because I was truly losing hope and faith ] And now understand, this was out of My control. I have to let go, and let God. [ I hope to help other people, that are having the struggles I am encountering] I recently have found info, on TBI support. Will post that later ] To those Whom are not understanding, and feel like I'm just complaining. Go away, there many people like Me, who suffer in silence..... My Love You are here, and so am I = We in this together!

What can go wrong with my pituitary gland?

The most common problem with the pituitary gland occurs when a benign growth (often referred to as 'adenoma' or 'tumour') develops. This can cause the gland to produce excess hormone, or it can block hormone production, or it can be 'non functioning' (hormone production not affected in any way).
Other rarer causes of pituitary disorders can include, for example, traumatic brain injury and pituitary infarction (also known as pituitary apoplexy).

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