Monday, January 19, 2015

[Running willy nilly]~tears of Joy

Had My neurologist  appointment today ~CONFUSED= but walked away with some understanding = I'm not crazy, and it's not all in My head..... Well it effects My head, but I'm not losing My mind for no reason.  The disc of the MRI, was un- readable on their computer. the image center needs to send  a new copy. However there was report , turns out I have a cyst of My pituitary gland, that has caused MORE PAIN, and swelling in My brain.... [That's GOOD NEWS to Me, I thought I had Alzheimer]...... So they also going to run a panel  of  blood work.... Because I do traumatic brain injury.... And start Me on a steroid to reduce the swelling, hopefully help the pain. I go back in a week.
In telling My children, I feel happy. Because My behavior has changed over the last couple of months. The sense of feeling lost, unable to be left home alone. Un- able to move my limbs, I'm in the care of My Sister..I am happy of this discovery, because it can be corrected. But for a while I was running willy nilly...... See You soon, My Love X[]x   I choose life, I choose Love ! It's been a dark couple of months, and now I feel hopeful.

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