Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Diary~

[It takes a year for Your spinal cord to grow an inch, of healing ] It's  not so much that I feel  defeated ,then it is I'm impatient.We were at the Doctors last  Monday, and will be again this Monday.... A week feels forever long..... I do get high expectation with most in things life. I use to be more on the side of optimism.... Yet these days have long and painful, I have watched My perspective change.... It's the same way I look at all My paint's and beads that surround Me.... They are just there [ I am just here] When I had My neck surgery in summer, I really thought that would be the fix all....I miss the days of thinking  I could do anything, and I miss being the Memom swing. I will go call My Pastor, My spirits fading.

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