Monday, January 19, 2015

neurologist rant~ []ut of My Mind

So I called My neurologist the other day, because We go on Monday." For the results of the MRI, for My back [mid spine]... Let Me remind You My accident was back in 2012.... So why has this process taken so long= I now know why. Back to the call to My neurologist I asked them, what test do We need to take to detect early on set alzheimer.  because of it's MENTION! They told Me they are My treating neurologist, not a diagnosing neurologist. REALLY ~ So all the talk of TBI, all the nerve damage they have discovered . The EMG, the EKG, all the e-rays. Are all just to know, to treat= NOT DIAGNOSE..... They are the car accident provided Doctor's [ Where is the Oath ]There should be a law, now I'm pissed=and out of My mind....... We will get to the core of this tomorrow!  ~ FIGHTING TO LIVE, a normal life = I want My life back!

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