Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Some pet's are like People [Sendind Love, and Prayers to Scootie Bootie ]

~Scooter~ We Love You, You have taught us Love and kindness......... It's been an emotion time. My sisters dog [baby ] has terminal cancer~ they told her last week,maybe he had six weeks` To us He is a Family member... I'm sure My sister would be upset over My blog, But I'm sure there are people out there, who understand~And their pets are like their children..... Everybody loves Scooter, My Sister has shown great strength~  We are emotional support for each other....... This is not an easy time, but it sure makes one aware, just how short life is. And You should live each day to it's fullest.....We will Love hime each moment God grants Us. We Love You Boots........

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