Monday, January 21, 2013

She know's me best my [RAINBOW] I am Thanking GOD []ut loud!

My Baby Girl,She waited till I was done my Meeting Saturday.Came over spent the night,we watch movies,and laughed....Told me,we are gone to Church tomarrow Mom, The Church we would attend(many years ago ,daily) It was very difficult to walk in throught doors ......Floods of Memories of, When I was(Had it all together) I was WHOLE,now I am shattered =I consider my self mosic....I am so Grateful,that my baby,gave me that push, SEEM's she KNOW's me better,that I know myself.....Then we walked to the river to see my favorite statue,came home made pancakes...Then went to the hospital,back spasm (my neck,and back were badly spained from my, accident,does help,that I've been bit my spider,and my blood stream is infected. And feel half dead) I keep thinking,it will just go away....Well It don't......In fact I'm ashamed to say this, but it true.....My accident was July, by the Aug (RED flag on FIRE)=I started to drink,cause I can't handle this physical pain AND GREATLY DISAPPOINTED MY FAMILY!.....MY POINT,is after the hospital [I MADE A MEETING my 2nd] and I'll KEEP GOING BACK! Thank You Rainbow, For knowing me best (THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE, IT WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY NEW LIFE) THANK's be to GOD! Amem

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