Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm still HERE!

Friday,chaos,began of course of my own doing........I did'nt know I had a doctor's appointment........(PTSD  occurred)crazy ,extra crazy from the,ang organizing,and house painting day,and night.... A SPIDER IN MY JEAN's(I line dry my clothes) I have about four,or more spider bite's on my leg.......My leg's, and feet were so swollen, I have no ankles......Well my John Lennon sofa ,way on it way (NO TIME TO BE SICK) I keep telling myself, if I just get this room in order,I can begin to paint.......NOW, I'm JUST HOPING ,I LIVE THROUGH THIS! Talk about,wake up and smell the roses.......I'm so glad to wake up today, I'm so sick, I had to come stay with my Mother,to take care of me, I'm still here! Glitter kisses Xxo,  Love Mothersky

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