Saturday, January 12, 2013

Even Mother, is frightened, at times....

Same concept,with dragonlies, butterflies,and lady bugs.....We hardly trust,but when we do, it's a soul marking moment....(that's me @t 8yr old=double infinity dragonfly
I found a verse,I would like to share with you..(Mine You,it's a Mass card,I think it's BEAUTIFUL Not tomention,I've neever seen myself"look this bad,execpt after the car accident" I'm so swollen, I'm frightened,and don't reconize myself/It's quite an uneay feeling[I PRAY,out loud] .... It reads like this......Don't stand at my grave,and weep;I am not there,I do not sleep;I am a thousand winds that are free....I am thr diamond's gift of snow. I am the sunlight on riped grain,I am the autumn's gentle rain....WWhen you awaken in the morning's hush. I am the swift uplifting rush,of quiet birds in circled flight.....I am the soft star that shine at night...I am Mother of the Sun,Moon,and every shining Star, I dance ,and paint with rainbow......Don't stand at my grave and cry,I am not there , I did not die,I dance......
WATCH HER EYES When I get a ride,it' back to the hospital (we go) hint I NEED A RIDE!

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