Friday, May 23, 2014

~Teach []ur Children Well~ [ Crosby Still, Nash, & Young]

"I am waiving the white flag"  [Inner family quarrel] ~Not all families get along.So what are We teaching our Children, when a Grandchild quotes, "that their Grandparent can't be in the same room". They are being taught hate, that it is not acceptable behavior.... It's un-acceptable~ I am reaching out my hand , and heart.[For the sake of the Children] Who are caught in the middle . Let's teach them L[]VE, And that We as adult, can put our differences aside . I have extended my hand..... I as a Child grew up in that cross fire. And never wanted that for my Children , and now it is carrying over into the next generation. I am waiving the white flag , of surrender ~Lets teach our Children Love. Life begins where fear ends.........        ~Lets tech []ur Children Well~                                                                                                                                                                           As  a grown  Woman I reflect on my life, and can say I've done the best, that I was capable. I try to Love with my whole heart everyday.....These last couple years , since my accident have made me so humble~ I just want more life, a good life, a good existence. Good relationships, and a good quality of life..... Time is a Gift, Life is gift. I try to encourage, to mend relationships....Extend Your hand, for the sake of Family. Set a good example to Your Children......We are their teachers. I choose L[]VE!
"My wish, My dream is Peace."

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