Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"I'm everything I am, because You L[]VE Me"


Mother is very tired Today, over tired in fact.... My Sister say's " I'm too hard on myself. And She ,and  Michael insist I take it easy today" .If it weren't for that fact that I have a fever, I would over ride their  helpful decision ..... Good NEWS is We passed Township inspection, My new apartment is official.... And My Sister lives upstairs, We all share Scooter....  My Spine specialist say "not to get the blood work, or x-ray, until I'm somewhat germ free"....Or the insurance Co.will bail.~.G[]D  has a WAY of SL[]WING US DOWN! WhenWe are not doing things ,in his time= I'm in G[][]D C[]MPANY, even though I'm grumpy.. :/

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