Friday, November 30, 2012

(PEACE)Want to paint a mural,that linc's piece,by piece (connecting us all together) ( LIKE A PUZZLE)

[I want to paint a mural,in the city,(From city to ciy) It will be connected (BY linc's LIKE puzzle pieces)I want your input,leave a commentONE LAST THING[Let's call it a Lottery,In the State that I live,there a about a Million,vacant homes,and Building......And about a million homeless people/suit people to there need's....Give us a chance,that's all I'm saying,Love Mother *Let's Dare to Dream,and build (JABIP VILLAGE)*
I'm sane but,I'm overwhelmed,and I have one hand in my pocket,and the other's, giving a PEACE SIGN*
** Glitter Kisses Xxo *
I am grateful to be alive,I have a book written,and would like to publish it,by the end of this year(BECAUSE IT's LEAP YEAR) Since my accident,I can feel the change in me (We will be celebrating,4 walls soon (Thank You Anne) Xxo I HAVE TO GO TO BED NOW! SEE YOU/ WHEN THE SUN,COMES UP! ***

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