Monday, November 26, 2012

TAO TE CHING [blk+wht,me at 8]

"To attain knowledge,add things everyday. To attain wisdom,remove things everyday." To know that you do not know, is the best. To pretend to know when you do know,is a disease" [Mind mapping test TODAY!]It's was a paper workday(praise) TUESDAY is the Doctor's appt. I've been waiting for.....It will determine if there (seizures,convultion,tremers,or I just tic like a clock....I will put a mask in my ppurse to take a photo,of Mother with all the leads from my head.....he he ONLY THING I KNOW IS,I FEEL LIKE MY WORLD IS GREY/ WITHOUT A STUDIO.......WE WILL GOOGLE+ when we can....CAN I GET AN AMEN! "Art,Music in the soul can be heard by,the
universe.Watch her eye's [in color,me @t 8,double infinity] ��

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