Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thank You Crisco~ now I know what I want for Christmas.....

 I so LOVE these paints, seeing this has caused an energy through Me.... It is something My Love, and I have talked about for a while [Painting with Light ] There are so many artist that have put down their tools ~ Perhaps even You, that one place You can go where You spirit soars .... Pick up that tool , what ever Yours is, and create again. There is no such thing as to old,or not good enough there are so many master pieces in Us yet.   These paints lit Me up, It will be an adventure to find them. But they reminded Me, of a time I use to paint murals on~ on ceilings ,and walls. With that glow in the dark  effect~ for stars,the moon, the sun  [yellow based] This brings new light to the painting to come.... Thank You Crisco, Your art is wonderful. And has inspired many.

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