Friday, September 2, 2016

Best Day Ever ~ Love notes

This is something I stared a year ago, I had heat stroke .On top of a brain injury~ don't turn away there is a sunny side to it. It a teaching tool, when You lose Your abilities= You finds ways to remember. To celebrate just how great life is, I call them Love note. If You were to wander through My house You would see. When My children, or Grandchildren leave Me a note " I post them about the house in random well seen areas. So I can celebrate that love often....... Because everyday I wake up to the people I Love, it's best day ever... And I'm glad the sun shined in My window this morning, and I was there to see it. And I started a Love note book, I tape them to the blank pages.  Try it, guaranteed You'll never have a bad day again." See Ya soon~ Mothersky Dragonfly

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