Friday, February 6, 2015

We are under the same STARS~ Starry starry night= Vincent Van Gogh

[]ut in a beautiful wooded rural area,with family. With the changes in My health, I have had to have constant companionship. I see it as a wonderful blessing, My neurologist changed My meds~ perhaps I am on the road to a  better existence.I feel hopeful,and Loved. Needed,and wanted. As I sit out on the back steps gazing up to the tree tops, then in wonder of just how beautiful the stars are. I thank God, for yet another beautiful day. And I will close My eyes, and wish My very usual wish,~ I wish I owned a large enough  home that every one I Love could be under the same roof. Sit to the same table = and feel the Love I have in My heart. But for now, knowing We are under the same stars "will  HAVE TO do for now". ~Sending Love to those who are not in My sight, know I hold You dear in My HEART~ And We are under the same stars, catch My kiss X[]x Love You bigger than the sky.                                   Thank You Vincent~for Your works,And the world through Your eyes...... We pray for Your Soul, May You rest in PEACE...  Amen

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