Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rare form Color me /GREEN (Rolling in the Deep)

COLOR ME GREEN!Perhaps,someday YOU,will stop by for STONE SOUP,(RIGHT ROCKY)Xxo
***** AGAIN this is the blessed mess I'm working with....This morning ,woke up with my eyes swollen shut (that's alittle scary) I'm a big sissy lollol today...... OH, I'm so old I made up lol, only in the old days, we sound words out! Sissy lol lol=crying alot........ So anyway (We are doing before,and after photos. So in the meantime watch my video,keep pressing the button, I'm trying to buy a building (see pages below to donate) or just keep pressing the button........Maybe by next year you can visit me,@t Jabipvillage,and we can make (STONE SOUP!) Between,now and then,there are neurologist to see, spine specialist....(LOOK I JUST WANT A BUILDING WHERE ALL MY FAMILY,CAN COME TOGETHER AGAIN! AND I WANT PAINT,I'd like report my arm's stolen,I can't find my ass either;has anyone seen it?(OK ,if you barrowed it I just want it back,I won't be mad.what?....SO ANYWAY-I heard them taking,I have something like shaken baby syndrome.(ONLY I'm not a baby) BUT I AM A SISSY LOL LOL! BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD.....I WILL PRAY FOR YOU,AS YOU PRAY FOR ME! MY LOVE YOU ARE NOT ALONE,YOU ARE HERE,AND SO AM I....**
Love MotherskyDragonfly/ aka(on GOOGLE and TWITTER) DragonflyAlezia

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