Sunday, September 30, 2012

I am in your Heart,when you need me (Love Mothersky, Glitter Kisses Xxo)

Something magical about being releaed from the hospital=Magic feels like CHRISTMAS.......I Thank You out loud GOD,to spent more time with my family,right my wrong's, AND SERVE MY PURPOSE! I dare to DREAM,of a place I will call Jabip Village,and your all invited........If You can't be there in person my friend (RONNIE BINCER) will help us do live google+ hang outs on THURSDAY,and SATURDAY Nights......WE JUST NEED A BUILDING TO BEGIN (A LARGE BUILDING) ALL ARTIST WELCOME/I've felt alien my whole life,in school ,I was gifted 'and talented (I had no understanding,for that!) Instead of doing school work in class,the had me painting mutals.......
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