Saturday, January 7, 2017

Our deepest fear~

 I have been living in fear, I will admit this. I have been hiding Myself. In fact I altered Myself, to blend in the crowd. I didn't want to be noticed.. I became depressed, and soothed Myself with food, and drink. Even caused Myself emotional self destruction..... I say "no more"... I will move forward, knowing God will except Me just as I am.... An be what He intended ~ And those situations in life that bring Me down, I will go around them. Rather then walk through them like a pane of glass / not allow negative people in My circle. And NOT go binge eat. I am shedding this fear, and it weights 50 pounds.... I put on 60 pounds of emotional pain.... It's time to be Me again, Because I am Fabulous, talented, and  creative, AND SO ARE YOU. My Love You are here, and so am I= And We are Loved. So set Yourself free

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