Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pain is a distraction~ I hope tomorrow holds some answers.

~Fear doesn't stop death, It stops life. I say distraction because I feel as if I am holding My breath, I'm sure those of You that have been in poor health understand. I go to the neurologist tomorrow,and I can't wait for the results.The pain is such a distraction, I can't consecrate.  Emotionally I'm grounded, but I want to feel better~ So I can start living, to be honest I feel like I'm dying. All that comes to mind is that saying = live like You are dying.    Mind You I'm not going to go crazy, and start living on the edge, by throwing caution to the wind. Yet this pain has caused Me to isolate . And the closer I have come to getting these results, I have been informing, and including My Family. There are moments of madness, when I just want to sell all My belonging, and live with bare walls. I hope tomorrow holds some answers.

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