Saturday, August 1, 2015

Grounding therapy for PTSD~ []ut of the fires of hell, Now I know My way home.=LIFE jar

Recently I had to let go of a piece of the past, learn from it and let go. I told Myself I would finish this painting, however nature took over~ And it was water damaged in storage. And was set out on the curb as trash, it was a healing process. I'm letting go,in that time period, I painted many fires of hell. The unfinished process will always be out there.[ In cyber space] Along with My haunting sound track, I despise My voice~perhaps it was the pain I heard, that I despised. I am emotionally moving into a better place. A sense of rebirth if You will. The past will always be haunting, but I have learned some grounding therapy.I can share one with You. [example] When one of Your triggers are hit. You go to the mirror, look Yourself in the eye, and say "You are here, You are safe, Everything is gonna be just fine." Out of the fires of hell.

I'm starting a LIFE jar, of all My new memories......

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