Saturday, June 20, 2015

Teaching LOVE !

" It's a trying time."Sometimes in the middle of []ur biggest heartaches, We find out Who We are. As I'm trying to sleep, and My heart is pounding as I try to suppress than hard cry, that We all try to lock away.~And not have it see light of day [ You know the one ] Flashes of memories, that pass through Your mind, that have placed Me right where I am. As I laid in the dark room trying to control My breathing.
                                                                                                                                                                           As My grandiose mind started to separate My heart, from My soul, from My flesh, like large chunks of glitter. Trying to separate Myself, from Myself ,into compartments.= Then there was a small voice of a child, that said FORGIVE. That inner voice was just that, My inner child, where all I ever wanted was peace. And Love, where, when I was young I was taught. But now I am the teacher.~ I am becoming the teacher to My Grand Children. And If nothing else  I will teach them to Love, and to be kind. And lead by example,and they will know they are Loved without Me ever speaking a word. For My feet feel solid on this earth, I could stand My ground if I chose to. I could stand with fist, yet what example would that set.[ I shall turn the other cheek ] Violence breeds, violence = I would rather not,Thanks be to God.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I may feel like I walked through a plate of glass,And I'm in tiny pieces on the floor. And I'm watching Myself , pick My tiny self pieces up. As I would said broken glass, but it can't be done for it is shattered but My heart wounds will heal.........   Imagine watching some one trying to glue petals, back on a flower~ it's pointless.  I like the person I've grow to be, sometimes I can feel God smiling at Me~ He has Me, on a mission.= My mission is to teach LOVE !        Soon I will paint,when I go home...... For now I will color with the Grand babies .X[] Until then.

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