Sunday, March 22, 2015

~Morning GL[]RY

Have Y[]U Loved enough in Your life time, have You been Loved enough. Have You forgiven, I struggle with that too. But We must forgive,to be forgiven. I have been wounded,And I have wounded others. So as the days in My life come, I am grateful for each morning~I try to be the most loving self I can offer the world. Although I am not perfect, If ever the day when morning glory rises and I don't. Know My heart was filled with love,and broken till all the love fell out. And I find that with each harm caused to Me, and My forgiven it's harm. My heart is filling again, and when forgiven for My faults. My soul will become free. I tried to be the best Me,yet sometimes I was tangled up in pain."And I'm sorry" I look forward to the glory of morning. I will pray for You, as You pray for Me. And perhaps We shall all find the forgiveness We seek......For it is the light, that brings the morning glories to bloom. And it the light, and L[]VE that []UR that We need to rise= I choose L[]VE.........

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