Friday, February 14, 2014

~We all wear []UR Mask~"Y[]U ARE N[]T AL[]NE"

~Their is the identity of our soul ,who we are.Yet I find masking the pain I'm in,on a daily basis."Is so hard to mask". I find it so hard to deal with all this pain,and keep my wit..... And although I'm hopeful,and still have the intentions to follow my dreams, the reality is setting in that "they are just that DREAMS" In when I'm lay still,and paralized by pain.....The songs I've written play in my head...And demand their birth,as try to reach out to artist, who can carry them out. Same with a novel going on in my head-She is the only one person,can deliver them to this the world the way it's ment to be.....I will continue to wear my mask,to mask the pain.To nod,and smile,and continue to ask God for Mercy...For He knows I am trying, to serve my Purpose." My Love, You are here, and so am I".......Y[]U ARE N[]T AL[]NE, X[]x

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